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Greatest Women In Cyber

Discover what they have been through and keep motivated.

Interview Magda Chelly and Christina Oh, OSCP

First of all – could you provide a short overview of yourself and your profile? I graduated from NTU’s computer science and started out as a programmer, before making the transition last year into the cyber security industry as a penetration tester.   Why the interest in cybersecurity? For the most part of my studies and in my early career, the focus had always been on building functional applications effectively. When I first got introduced to the security side of

Interview Magda Chelly and Neha Malhotra, CISSP, PMP

First of all – could you provide a short overview of yourself and your profile? I am an active technology professional with an inclination towards spirituality and I love spending my free time on sports and travel. I hail from north India (yes near the Himalayan range J ), and have worked in Malaysia and various cities in India before moving to Singapore 7 years back. So far I have worked across varied industries including BFSI, consulting, manufacturing, credit rating

Rebecca Herold, The Privacy Professor

Rebecca is CEO of The Privacy Professor®, a consulting business she founded in 2004. Rebecca is a co-founder and President of SIMBUS, LLC, a technology, information security, privacy and compliance cloud services business. Rebecca has been an Adjunct Professor for the Norwich University Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance program since 2005. Rebecca has been providing information privacy, security and compliance services, tools and products to organizations in a wide range of industries since 1988.  Rebecca was

Sarah Hendrickson; Pen tests, vulnerability scanning, red team testing – I built it all !

I worked my way through college at a Research and Development lab for a company that milled flour and made baking mixes for consumers as well as restaurants.  I obtained my degree in Chemistry and the lab job included running the analyticals to write the product nutritionals (%fat, %carbs, %protein, etc.).  At almost 6’ tall, I was significantly taller than my manager and when she went to read the instrumentation, her results varied significantly than mine.  I used a

Amber C. Williamson, Cybersecurity is a fascinating field and it’s never a dull moment in this industry

Amber C. Williamson is an IT Mentor Advocate for upcoming aspirants in the Cybersecurity & Information Technology world. Her journey was introduced during her childhood and has never left. She is the first generation in her family to have a Double Bachelor’s and Double Master’s Degree in Biology, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Network Communications. Amber has over 12+ years of industry experience and currently pursuing her cybersecurity certifications for 2018. She is a force to be reckon with and willing to

The Story of Franziska Bühler-Schmocker, Between Web Server Security and Web Application Firewalls

Franziska Bühler currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer in Switzerland. Her main areas of responsibility are web server security and everything related to the access layer. In Switzerland, this typically includes authentication and web application firewalls. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with a specialization in IT security. She is also a Certified OSSTMM Professional Security Tester (OPST), accredited by ISECOM (Institute for Security and Open Methodologies). Android Forensics While studying, she did research

Good girls go to heaven, but girls in cyber go everywhere … An exclusive Interview with Lisa Lorenzin, Director, Emerging Technology Solutions, Americas at Zscaler

‘’And the good girls go to heaven, but the bad girls go everywhere...’’ – This is what I have read when I was trying to know Lisa better on her Twitter account. Controversial, courageous, and ambitious, this woman has a lot to share with us about her experience, and how she climbed the corporate ladder in security. I chatted with Lisa for hours about life, politics, and technology as well as about how to tackle the challenges in a

Greatest Women In Cyber

Discover what they have been through and keep motivated.

“Cyber Security is a passion for all of us within the community.”