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Our Supporters

We have several supporters helping us with the challenges that women face in the industry and as well raising the awareness about the subject.

Interview Magda Chelly and Reuben Sinclair

Q1. First of all – could you provide a short overview of Microfocus and the work and the objectives of the company? Which services and products do you provide and what are the target groups?

Pierre Noel, Advisor at Grab

Pierre Noel is the Enterprise Chief Security & Privacy Officer at Huawei, the Fortune 500 Information and Communication Technology Company. Pierre has over 30 years of international experience on Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management.

Youssef El Malty, Cyber Security Advocate

Youssef Elmalty is an internationally renowned cybersecurity expert specializing in cyber crime and defense. Based out of Singapore, Youssef is currently the head of cybersecurity for IBM and provides thought leadership across multiple IBM Security

Rajesh Laskary, Senior Cyber Security Consultant

I completed my Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering in 2002 and then started my career as a part time trainer while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline. Post my graduation

Diversity and inclusion lead to more innovation, stronger business practices, increased opportunities for all, and better access to talent. Does your organization cultivate an inclusive environment where people of diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and appreciated? 

Diversity is Key to Success

Diversity fits into all industries. In fact, it’s one of the keys to success. Many businesses can and have benefited enormously from a diverse workforce.

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